Customer Service Representative (Napa Area CA)

Napa, California, United States


As a data-driven, customer centric company, our Member Experience Team are some of the most important members of the company. First, our Member Experience Team works directly with our members, helping them to solve problems, understand their wine tastes, and just have an amazing human experience with wine. They're also the main voice in the company, helping us understand what our members want by providing the whole team with data and opinions that make sure our members are represented in all decision making. Finally, since we’re a startup, we look to this position as a source of growth within the company and the skills each Member Experience Specialist gains are applicable to practically any area of the business. If you’re passionate, hardworking, and insightful, we’ll help you build a career around the things you love doing.



This job is a remote position, however the team must be in the office every other Tuesday for wine tastings (in Napa, CA).

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